Apparently I'm just not good at keeping things updated. The last time I posted news I had just joined The Great Affairs in December of 2020. A lot has happened since then. I've played some shows (more last year than I had in the previous 6 years combined), recorded some music, filmed some music videos, and practiced/rehearsed more than I have in years. Despite everything that's happening in the world 2021 was not all that bad for me.

2022 will hopefully be a progression and continuation of what was happening last year. I'm starting off the new year playing a show with The Great Affairs on January 14th. We are opening for The East Side Gamblers at The Mercy Lounge. We kick the night off at 9pm sharp. There are also a few more shows on the books. Just check out the SHOWS page for the full list.

The Great Affairs are also writing new music that will hopefully see the light of day very soon. We will be working in earnest the next few months to get a solid batch of songs that we feel great about. I'm sure if you stay tuned to The Great Affairs' socials we will be keeping everyone updated.

Lights of Marfa is still hibernated. I am hopeful that we will reconvene soon to make some noise again. I wish I had more news on that front but currently I do not. Do not worry. Hatch is well. Brad is well. I am well. We just need to get back on the horse and find that elusive drummer we have been searching for. Feel free to go check out our music and videos and keep the music alive.

I also am trying out a few new ventures in 2022. If anyone didn't know, there is very little money in playing music. Sad but true. Unless you are at the top of the charts you need a side hustle. I've got a few I'm giving a try. First, I am offering my services building pedalboards, rigs, making custom cables, programming rigs, etc. You can find more info HERE. Second, I am offering lessons and remote recording for other people's projects and demos. You can find more info HERE. Lastly, after several years of programming the drums for all of the Lights of Marfa recordings since 2018 I thought it might be fun to offer that service up to others for demos or full recordings. You can find more info HERE.

So, there ya have it. That's what's new. I hope everyone has an incredible year and I will try to do these updates at least once every few months or more. Please stay tuned.

Much love,

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